Welcome to the page - this is the biggest headline size (h1)

Here is the first paragraph, left justified

Here is a smaller headline (h4) that has been italicized

Next is another paragraph with right alignment and underlining but not quite underlined for the entire line
Without resetting the alignment, I can now make the text bright blue!!

Now my alignment is cleared back to the left and the text is back to the cream color (you do notice it's smaller though, right??)

This font size is better and bigger than the largest headline you'll notice

This seems screwed upNow this image proportion just doesn't seem right, does it?? Maybe we should try to remedy this problem

Yes, this is better I think...

Let's see if you can follow a simple link Click Here!

Now let's see if you can link from the image on the right side here

OK, enough messing around, let's return to a real web page RIT Home

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